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Month: December, 2011

cold style

cold and rain it can be tricky, but it can be FUn too, its time to put on some style.


color splash

color splash in any style and wardrobe collection is always Fun to matching around or just mess around with some other ideas. Keep your eye Open to get it FUn.

Iskandar Widjaya

Iskandar Widjaya Hadar, the 24  years old violinist, indonesian blood, who brought up in Berlin, who love classical music arrangement just like beethoven. he’s fall in love to via loin since his first concert moment with his mom.

First time i saw his performance at JP’s club Bali, where located at Jalan Dyana Pura, Seminyak-  and first time what pop-up in my mind is- who’s cute talented chinese looks guy?  with his curly hair and chinese eyes, i can’t stop my self admiring his looks and his talent.  Good for me, i knew the owner of the place, and start to digging some information about him. Turn out his practically not really Indonesian, since he speak fluent germany.

simple style, modern look and just much as other musician he has his own choice almost about everything. So far, he’s one of my top musician in my list.

european street style

pic credit : thebestfashionblog

Purple for christmas

pic credit : ignorantstyle

Vintage Guy from Korea


For Your Rainy Season.

pic credit : Dapperlou

at Art Cafe- Ubud

ubud is one of my favorite place to just walk-in and taste the culture surround by  calm atmosphere. not just the culture, but food, coffee, or even the yoga and meditation place and people who visit this place, i feel like they all have same interest. something more down to earth, something more normal and basic and honest.

art cafe is one of my favorite place, where i can spend time for book or just be my self alone, with great coffee and people said, they serve best tiramisu in town. located in Jalan monkey forest, right side in your way to down town, but be careful, a blink on eye, you’ll missed it. its between the monkey forest and the soccer field. Get in, and you will little surprise what you will found inside and even the back side.


pic by : HapSa

Edit By : M.A.B

Location: Art Cafe Ubud.

wardrobe : TOP- CINOLLINI


Color Splash

Pic Credit : thesartorialist

from Kuta Fest