Iskandar Widjaya

by stylelocker

Iskandar Widjaya Hadar, the 24  years old violinist, indonesian blood, who brought up in Berlin, who love classical music arrangement just like beethoven. he’s fall in love to via loin since his first concert moment with his mom.

First time i saw his performance at JP’s club Bali, where located at Jalan Dyana Pura, Seminyak-  and first time what pop-up in my mind is- who’s cute talented chinese looks guy?  with his curly hair and chinese eyes, i can’t stop my self admiring his looks and his talent.  Good for me, i knew the owner of the place, and start to digging some information about him. Turn out his practically not really Indonesian, since he speak fluent germany.

simple style, modern look and just much as other musician he has his own choice almost about everything. So far, he’s one of my top musician in my list.