Melbourne street fashion, faces and places

Month: February, 2012

at St Kilda pride

St Kilda pride its been yearly event part of St Kilda Festival – Melbourne, where all people gathering to celebrate freedom and Human Right.  Melbourne people is always interest for me to watch, specially when its come into street fashion. My eyes cached this guy from the beginnings, since he has something that we call street fashion.


at Swanston St. / Flinders Station

another afternoon at cross road between Swantson and flinders station.  The old landmark of finders station and old version of tram made a beautiful BW picture..

at Lt.Collins – Melbourne.


mid-day break can be very useful to browsing around the city. This time i found little cafe in little collins st.  When i passed this lane, the cup color actually attract me so much, with smooth orange color, remind me about Hermes.

Drag my self for outside table, glass of water and here, extra Hot Soy cappuccino for reasonable price in melbourne-centre.