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South Melbourne Market


South Melbourne Market   establish at 1867, been part of the Melbourne culture since then. Their concern about sustainable, green energy and their commit for supporting local farm and their product become really interesting to do.  This market open between wed-sunday, from 8-4pm. Here you can find almost everything you need for your kitchen stuff. fresh meet, seafood, vegetable, some coffee bean, yummy fresh italian pasta, cheeses, sauces, including local beauty product which is organic stuff. Don’t stop your walk, theres some organic vegetable from local farm, and even couple restaurant around the block. Here is one of them, which located right in corner if you come from southbank area.

i just can’t wait to have another visit for such historical market like South Melbourne Market . if you need information whats on there and how you wanna get there, klick on South Melbourne Market .


at Lt.Collins – Melbourne.


mid-day break can be very useful to browsing around the city. This time i found little cafe in little collins st.  When i passed this lane, the cup color actually attract me so much, with smooth orange color, remind me about Hermes.

Drag my self for outside table, glass of water and here, extra Hot Soy cappuccino for reasonable price in melbourne-centre.

Koko Black Chocolate


kokoblack chocolate in Block Arcade- Melbourne. They have special raspberry chocolate for special for summer. Stop by at Block Arcade near Collins st, and have the best chocolate in town. just two block from flinders station, heading up along the swanston road for two blocks, and take left, the block arcade in your left side with old gold sign.  Go pass along the  cafe’s, where actually you can stop by and have little rest for a glass of best soy cappuccino in the city from cafe Louvina in your right hand.

koko black chocolate is in the end of the arcade in your left side. try to get second floor, cos you might get lucky to be able seeing all the arcade from where you sitting near the old window.  If you have to queuing for 30 minutes, don’t leave! cos they will serve you their original recipe chocolate while you standing, and you just gonna decide to let people behind you to move in front of you, so you get another free chocolate. good luck guys.